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Welcome to Golden University Online

Golden University is a resource for On-Line Training, a valuable company benefit. You will find courses which enable you to meet regulatory requirements and courses you may choose to take for your personal growth and advancement. Healthcare professionals will find accredited CE courses for license renewal – saving you time and expense.

On-Line Training

Time spent for on-line training assigned by the Company must be paid time whether it occurs at work or at home. If at work, the employee should be on the clock. Assigned on-line training should not occur at home unless authorized in advance by the employee's department head. If allowed at home, the employee should submit a Time Clock Adjustment Form for the actual time spent training.

Voluntary training outside regular working hours for the benefit of the employee which corresponds to courses offered by independent bona fide institutions of learning that qualify employees to retain their certification/license or to gain employment with other providers are not hours worked so long as the employee is not performing productive work during that training.

Our sincere thanks for your dedication to the care of our residents.

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